New Install 4.1.1 - No Modes

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I work in the IT Dept at a University. One of our faculty members plans to use Processing in the coming semester. I’m working to install it in a few computer labs for our students. They would also like to use the p5 mode.

Unfortunately, after installing the app, I do not see any modes available in the “Add Mode” section (Libraries, Tools, and Examples all have options for me to install). I tried installing on both my Mac and Windows computers and don’t see any modes to install in either OS.

For fun, I also installed 3.5.4 - I do see Modes available for install in this version, but not 4.1.1 (which is the version the faculty would like to use).

Am I missing a step in the install process for 4.1.1? I downloaded the zip file, extracted the folder, and launched the processing.exe app.

Any insight would be helpful! Thank you :slight_smile:

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For stability reasons, especially considering it’s a university place, stick w/ the old P3.5.4. :magic_wand:
P4.1.1 is still a buggy beta version IMO. :bug:

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This is related to this issue on the Processing 4 GitHub repository:

Also related to this thread:

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Hola, una solucion inicial es la siguiente…

Crea un proyecto para Android en processing 3.x, abrelo con processing 4.1 y el ide te pedira que instales el modo android, se descargara automaticamente.

Hay algun bug con una clase que ha desaparecido en java 17 y este es un error comun por ahora no solucionado. Aunque el modo Android funciona muy bien tras instalarlo. Yo desarrollo juegos 2d con mi propio motor en processing y todo funciona bien a nivel de codigo en Android, es una pena que esto este “roto” todavia.

Aqui tienes un proyecto en blanco para abrir con tu IDE y que te instale el Android modo :wink:

Thank you! The documentation in that issue helped me with the workaround!

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