P5.js not found as Processing mode?

Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I am having trouble finding the p5.js mode from the PDE’s “mode” section. I was able to find and use it before with a previous version of Processing but not anymore. Is it delayed because of the new version update? Please let me know! Thank you.


It is available on my W10 install of Processing 4.0b2:


You may have to add it with “Add Mode…”.

See my update below… there may be some new issues with this.


I need help too, with processing-4.0b3
I do not see how to install p5.js mode, it is not shown on the Add Mode tab of the Contribution Manager.
Is there a different way to install?


I had it in all 3 versions but…

I removed it and don’t seem to be able to add it now in Processing 4.0b3 or b2 or Processing 3.

Restoring the p5.jsMode folder brought it back for Processing 3.

I can’t add much more to this topic at this time… something is up.


Hello, @mihnu, and welcome to the Processing Forum!

I have Processing 4.0b2 on a MacBook Air with macOS Monterey 12.0.1.

The following modes are listed in the menu:

  • Java
  • p5.js
  • Python

The Java and p5.js modes run properly. I can switch to Python mode and enter code, but it doesn’t do anything at all when the Run button is clicked.

Based on the preceding posts here, I won’t attempt a Processing upgrade at this time, for fear of losing p5.js functionality.


This Github issue gave me some insight:
contribs.txt not updating? · Issue #861 · processing/processing-docs · GitHub

p5js mode is not listed here:

And there is a new p5js Mode here:
GitHub - fathominfo/processing-p5js-mode: A simple editor for p5.js code that runs inside the PDE

I opened a Github issue here:
contribs.txt not updating? · Issue #863 · processing/processing-docs · GitHub


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@glv I am not sure how you suggest to fix it. Is there a way to download a mode and install somehow directly (say, download from github and paste into a folder)?

It is currently broken and I submitted this as an issue on GitHub so they can fix it.

  • Download the 1.31 version (See +8 releases in link already provided).
  • Copy the p5jsMode folder into your mode folder in your sketchbook folder.
  • This worked for me.



It is working now!

contribs.txt not updating? · Issue #863 · processing/processing-docs · GitHub



Thank you so much for the help and updates!


Yes, it works, Very Good! Thanks a lot!