Processing Crashes upon start (macOS Ventura)


Since a couple of days the newly installed processing 4 crashes on start-up and shows the following error:

“There is a Problem with the “permission” for the sketchbook folder”.

It is suggested to get rid of the problem entering the following code line in the terminal:

tccutil reset All org.processing.four

Unfortunately entering this line of code does solve the problem.

Has anybody a suggestion?

Tech stack:

Chip: Apple M1 Pro
macOs Ventura 13.1
Processing 4

Hi @Lorenz,

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

Can you provide the link to the fix you found? Is it an issue on GitHub? (I can’t find it on the Processing 4 issues)

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your reply.

I can’t find it on GitHub either.

The fix is suggested in the pop-up window that appears after Processing crashed. Therefore I assume the fix is suggested by Processing.

When I enter the suggested line of code (tccutil reset All org.processing.four) into the Terminal, it returns the following:

Successfully reset All approval status for org.processing.four

But when I restart processing the problem persists.

Any suggestion?

Ok, I found the original issue:

From the source code:

Try the fix SmantikVJ found at the end of the issue and let me know if it works. Or reinstall Processing and allow access to the sketchbook folder. (if it doesn’t work, try to run thetccutil as root with sudo?)


I reinstalled processing and gave it the permissions as suggested. For now it is running (fingers crossed).
Hopfully the problem will not reoccur.

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