GSOC'22 Proposal- p5.js Teach page

Hello everyone. After receiving multiple feedbacks and analyzing the gist of the project. I’m here with my proposal on “Continued Development of p5.js teach page”. The project goes by the title “Education for all”(well we can come up with better name too :sweat_smile: ) I have tried to add all required details. It would be of great help if community members can take out some time and review my proposal. Tagging mentor @yinhwa .
Here’s the link

P.s. The doc is open for commenting, anyone can leave a suggestion if they feel so

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@yinhwa @mcintyre It would be great if you could spare some time and review my proposal so that I can improve before final submission.

Hi @divyansh013 I left some comments in your document. Good luck!

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Hi @divyansh013 I see a lot of your efforts in better organizing the proposal :slight_smile: some additional questions I have in mind is: why is the themes feature needed & from who’s perspective and how will this feature enhance the experience on /teach. Answering Kate’s comments will be very helpful for you too. Thanks!


Thank you for your feedback. I have replied to your comments. Please let me know for any follow up questions. Thanks!

Thanks a lot:) What I think is themes will not only help in better organizing the content of same type together but will also help user to better nagivate through the site. Just like filtering content into elementary,intermidiate and advanced when user will have option to filter contents of one type (let’s say beginner friendly) then it will surely enhance the overall on-boarding experience.
We can introduce themes for particular section too. Let say “p5 for disabled” where workshop where in the new alt-text-feature is used or workshop which was aimed for deaf people, so all these can be grouped under theme, “p5 for disabled”

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