GSoC 2020 proposal draft review

Hi everone,

I know this is really a last moment :sweat_smile:, but I’d appreciate any kinds of comments on my draft proposal before the submission!

Thank you!


Really detailed and well-planned proposal! :+1:t3:
If I understand correctly, the proposal is mostly about adding the p5 teaching feature to website, ‘p5 for 50+’ project will be part of the teaching materials, right?

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Thank you Qianqian for your kind words! And yes, that is correct, thank you for your clarification :slight_smile:

This is looking great. I just wanted to note that people often ask for sample p5.js curricula for different levels and audiences. I know you mentioned potentially including these as part of the documentation, just wanted to +1 that idea.

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Thank you Lauren for your idea and I totally agree with you🙏 I believe most educators would look for workshop/classes targeting a specific topic or paticipants. I personally felt the need while searching for materials adjusted for non-English speaking people or the middle-aged and elderly, but was kind of hard to find.