GSoC'22 Proposal -p5.js Teach Page Update

Hi I’m Gracia! Here’s my proposal to improve Teach Page:

Please feel free to suggest my proposal! I would appreciate that!

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Hi @GraciaZ thanks for sharing your draft proposal. I appreciate your needs-finding on making the /teach contents (re-)accessible :slight_smile:

In terms of updating the contents, I was wondering if you’d also be interested in bringing more teaching/learning experiences on the page, or by utilizing this page as a medium – as this has been an ongoing task/need from the beginning of this project.

I also liked your idea about enabling users to evaluate the level of difficulty, reflect their results on the page so that others could refer from them also. Some extra questions I had in mind were: 1) how to map the evaluation feature as a part of an accessible UX on the /teach page, and by doing so, 2) how to render the evaluation results functionally (or even statistically) significant? I guess these questions aren’t something to be answered right away at the proposal stage, but could be considered when designing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @yinhwa. Thanks for your suggestions! :kissing:

I was a beginner and I would love to share my experience with how to start creative coding with p5.js. I added my detailed thoughts about how to teach beginners in my draft proposal.

I also discussed with my friend who studying statistic about how to approach a significant evaluation result, and we agreed with 4 possible ways to do it. But I think they all need to be tested later. I added the details in my proposal as well.

Thank you again for helping with my draft proposal!

Hi @GraciaZ thanks for considering the suggestions within such a short period of time. Maybe you could add some more explanation on how your learning experience as a first-timer (i.e, line by line explanation & diagram) could be delivered as a UX on the page? Also curious how you plan to bring teachers/learners, other than those already introduced on /teach, for sharing their own teaching/learning experience, as well as the evaluation on the level of difficulties.


Hi @yinhwa Thank you for your reply!!!
I’ll update my idea of UX ASAP. I think the sense of difficulty is different from one to another, so I may involve other viewers to evaluate the difficulty after they go through the content.

Hi @yinhwa my mentor!
I’m an accepted contributor now! I’m so excited! Is here the right place to continue the contact? or we will use email to confirm the details?
Thanks! :kissing: