Code-signing/notarising exported Processing App

Hello, is there a definitive method to codesign/notarise exported applications for OSX?

I’d love to be able to share my little app without prompting the user to hack their way past the gate keeper…

It was discussed a couple of times a few years back, anyone managed and can share the steps please?
Thanks so much!

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File/ExportApplication… appears to be self-explanatory as well as the bottom link on the ‘Export Options’ window. I easily created a demo Mac app and put it up on DropBox:

I would be interested to see if you are able to run it. The app bundle has a _CodeSignature folder containing a CodeResources file so it should be signed.

Hi Svan
Thanks for reaching out,
I tested your app and I have the error “test_4” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer (screenshot below). I can bypass that if I right click the app and chose open. Not a big deal but it gets more complicated if pictures are embeded in the app, they won’t appear if the app has been downloaded ( you can wetransfer it to yourself to find out).
In that case the workaround is to unquarantine the app through terminal “xattr -d” which I think is too complicated for the end user…

I wonder if the exported app could unquarantine itself at startup by executing terminal? Is such a thing possible?


Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 18.11.34

Certainly possible to run cmdLine code using exec(). Might be able to call exec() at startup of main app (I’ve never tried it). What I don’t know is if it’s possible to piggyback a second processing app onto the main app and call it at startup. Alternative would be to create two separate apps and call the xattr code from the first app (assuming it knows the location of the second app). Embedding exec() in startup of main app would be the simplest if it’s doable.

N.B. If I place an image in the test_4 app I am no longer able to export it using Processing 4.1.1. Are you able to export a Mac app if it contains an image?