Discussions about GSoC '22

I came across the project list,
and I loved a few ideas.
How do I get in touch with a mentor, and discuss their view on the project, and learn more about their expectations and requirements?

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I have a doubt in International Improvement task…

There written we have to add languages Korean and Hindi but p5.js Web Editor those two languages are already present. Can anyone explain, about that task. It will be helpful for me.

Hey @ashwani, the addition of Korean and Hindi translations were part of GSoC 2021. So, if you have any other language you want to add or make further improvement to the existing translations you can do so. There are also some other stuff mentioned in the brief under Internationalization improvements which involved improving the process of adding translation. So check out Contributing to p5.js website internationalization (i18n) and understand the process and you can propose new ideas based on that.


p5.js web editor do not have code intellisense of functions yet. Can it be considered as project idea for proposal?
In case it is valid I will be happy to contribute in it. :slight_smile: