Interested in contributing on Web Accessibility on and documentation project

Greetings Mentors,

I am Diksha shukla. I am a front-end developer and programmer. I love to do open source as it fulfills my passion to help others with the help of the code or by nature and the aim is not to limit myself in learning. That’s why I participated in GSOC 2022. I am excited to contribute to the processing foundation on web Accessibility on and the documentation project.

This project interests me because This project wants updation on the examples page, tutorials, and documentation. I am a frontend developer in which I help in updating these pages with modern technologies, made some addon features, and also design wireframes for changing some styles to make website loading faster. I can also help in updating the content of these pages if needed as I do some technical writing side by side for 1 month. I am not experienced with that.
But you can see my published articles in the following links:


This project will help me to get more experience in existing skills and learn new skills (like p5.js) also.
I wanted to learn about p5.js and added it to my skillset with the help of this project.

So, I want to get in touch. so that, I have to ask some questions regarding the project.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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Hi @dikshashukla455, thanks for your interest. For the p5.js website accessibility project, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will give you a good idea of what types of improvements to propose in your project. While making the site load faster could be a part of this, an excellent proposal will cover other aspects of accessibility.

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