Champions of Regnum in 2d?

Is it possible to develop the game “Champions of Regnum” in 2D after? If yes does anyone feel like developing that with me?

It’s possible, sure, but a project like that would be very complex. Processing might not be the best tool to use.

The main issue is that, as you’ve described it, it would still be an MMO, meaning you would need a system to securely log players in. Then you would need a server running a game world so all the players’ clients can get the state of the area of the world for the game they’ve joined.

Of course, you can skip that and just have a single player game. That would be much easier, and a good way to start. You wouldn’t even need any network connections, as all the information about the player’s stats and the world could just be stored locally.

Before anyone commits to helping you, I’d expect you put together some mock-up images of what you expect the game to look like. What would the gameplay be like? Are players moving about in a 2D world? Is there combat? Etc etc.

Yes a offline Game :grin: