Free MMO to processing by ME

Hi people! y post this message to share with comunity my new project… y work from 2 years on a basic mmo in HTML5, and now y port this game to processing.

I updated a websocket library of processing for more profesional comunications and more features.

The firs version of this game will be ready in a couple of months.

I will share the work…

The game is for Windows & Android, the server runs on a simple Raspberry PI 3+


The server is completely finished, I just have to redo the client for processing and voila!

This is a threaded server, bassed on websocket technology with high number of concurrent clients.
The last try was running with 40 clients with any problem.

The “client” game library has maded by me and i called: gameLibZero. This library integer 2d physics with sprites, text etc… sound… and now network! all in one and completly multi-platform.


Network connection is up!
Now working on a user registration window :slight_smile:

I have a new information about this big project.

The 2d Physics Terrain editor are ready for develop games!

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