Minecraft in 2d

hello I plan to do Minecraft in 2d and already have a designer so blocks too … now I just don’t know how to start can someone help me ^^?

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How much coding experience do you have and what features is the game going to have. Have you thought of the mechanics?

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You will probably need a 2D array to track the kinds of blocks in you game world.

Then a good next step would be to draw the game world based on the values in that array.

Then I would add a way to scroll around the game world using the arrow keys.

Then you can add a player, and the logic for their movement and if they are standing on a solid block.

It’s a lot of work! Post the code you have already if you need more help. Or try to write some yourself if you have none.

Hello Rogo
when i started programing i planned the same project, its hard think in how get start, but, after think a lot, i guess you can:
Start with classes, adding specifical skills to the mobs in your game, blocks and itens can have skills too, and after, the most interesting to do is create zones around the mobs and the player, a zone who the mobs can see the player, a zone of the mobs can interact with the player(So, you can create a object to carry the types of interactions, "“ATK”, “TRADE”, “USE” Objects in JavaScript), its easy to make an sandbox like Minecraft in 2D.
The Processing for Android has powerfull references to help you continue your game.Android References/Processing API,
you can check the JavaScript object examples too, its easy to understand and write in Processing…
I really want to see your project again.

Good coding.


Have you Discord or Like that?