Make Online Server?

Im making a 2d game, and i want to add online multiplayer. i would need a player who creates a server, and someone can join, but not local, fully online i want to make it accessible from eveywhere through wifi.

It would help a lot if someone would give me demo where im hosting a server on my PC im adress.
I would need to write to 4 files, one for player data, one for world data, one for other world data & one for server data. i need to send from the server & write to the server.

i have started with a project, but i need Help with the online stuff. i dont wanna use local multiplayer. if someone is willing to help me.

technically its a txt file on a website, but you can also edit the txt file from processing.

the problem is, i dont know how to login with a replit account and edit a file like that. but thats way to complicated there is 100% a better way. and i dont wanna use a dedicated server. :gift_heart:

If you want an online server like that, you have to go into your WLAN router settings and modify the firewall rules so that your computer is exposed to the internet. You will also have to share your own ip adress so that people can communicate with your PC.

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is that actually all you have to do? if so it would be cool :smiley: