The Rainy Battle: New game made with Processing for Android published on Google Play

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to share a new game I made with Processing and Processing for Android, and it’s now published on Google Play. It was created for a Game Jam, based on the theme “rain”. I’ve been working on it for the last two weeks, and I would be glad if you could play it and enjoy! It’s available in english and portuguese, with single-player and local multiplayer modes. It also has a version downloadable for Windows.

Feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome! Thanks everyone!

Play now: B-RU The Rainy Battle - Google Play




My suggestion would be to add a territory-control element – if you first grow orange flowers someplace, then red flowers can’t grow within a certain distance of that spot. That means that enemy rain is either wasted when passing over that territory or it increases your flowers rather than the enemy’s flowers.

This would add a tactical element to the game and also make it more clear who won – right now with the flowers all mixed together it is a bit hard to tell.

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Good suggestion! Thanks!

New updates:

Now it’s also possible to try it directly in the browser thanks to Processing.js, and it has a new website:

And I made a trailer. The images were captured in Processing with a fake “camera” following the AI players. The movement of the camera was made with translate(), rotate() and noise(). Exported with saveFrame() and edited later with Adobe Premiere Pro. The end result: