Processing GAME! Online and Multiplayer. STRESS SERVER. 10h

Hello community! Today I bring you a small game that we have developed in the studio to test the real viability of a massive multiplayer Android / Windows / Macosx / Linux game.

It is an all against all playing the classic Rock Paper or Scissors!

That if, online and with chiptune music.

The stress server will be online for a few hours, if you want to enter and try the game we will be very grateful since the server will register numbers referring to the concurrence of users and lag.

The game is only available for Windows publicly, since it is a simple and small test that has taken us 3 days. A small demo of what can be done with processing and gameLibZero.

Captura00 Captura01 Captura02

And this is the Link for the game, only available for Windows:

If the tests go well I will publish the version for linux, mac and android;)

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I reupload the zip… Game dont work…

link is updated!

Can’t help with Windows testing here, but good luck!

Thanks to all of you who downloaded the client and participated in the tests, the truth is that they have been exciting games!
With these data we can already analyze how the stress of the server has gone.
Thank you!!