Android mode hangs on Android SDK notification

Well, I tried following the Get started tutorial on the Processing for Android page but after downloading the Android mode, I tried to switch to it and all I got was a “Cannot find an Android SDK…” message box with nothing on it

I can’t close it or open Processing again cause it’s actually still open.


In that post they say that they had the same problem but they had to kill the process every time to make it work. I don’t know how to do that because I’m really new to programming and all this. Also I really don’t wanna do that every time I wanna use the Android mode

I’m using an Ubuntu 18.04.4 64bits OS. If there is more info that you need to help me please let me know


I appreciate your help, now that you have just started programming for android.
I ran into problems as android mode suddenly stops working
I have tried to reinstall it in every possible way and I cannot
windows 10 64 bits

I have tried dowload sdk manually, also automatically but it does not work

again download processing 3.5.4 but it doesn’t work either …

Same here, I tried to download the sdk manually but I don’t know if I did it incorrectly or it just doesn’t find it.
It just wouldn’t work so I had to give up on that, at least for now :disappointed:
Still, if there is someone that may know how to solve this, it’ll be really appreciated

Hi @dinoelectro @UnaLuz
Could you check the location in the preference file?
You can do so by clicking Open File > preferences and then click on the link on the bottom preferences.txt. There you can see and also modify the path like “android.sdk.path=D:\android\sdk”