Windows Installation Guide Advice Doesn't Work

From your “Getting Started” text tutorial:

“On Windows, you’ll have a .zip file. Double-click it, and drag the folder inside to a location on your hard disk. It could be Program Files or simply the desktop, but the important thing is for the processing folder to be pulled out of that .zip file. Then double-click processing.exe to start.”

That doesn’t work for me on Windows 7. What it does is produce a VERY SLOW extraction,
leaving one extracted file unmoved, and causing a Null Pointer Exception when I run the .exe file.

Instead I recommend:

“On Windows, you’ll have a .zip file. Right-click it, and choose Extract All from the popup menu. Accept the directory it chooses for you (a sub directory of the folder where you downloaded the zip file). Then double-click processing.exe to start.”

These instructions start the processing editor with no problems.

All files got extracted. One of the files failed to move.

The steps I give don’t attempt to move the files from their extracted location. That’s why it works for me on Windows 7.

yes, but understand that
is just a general info about processing
( and that it comes as a zip file what needs to be extracted )

it will never cover all operating systems and their versions.

also it is not that detailed:

  • after download from
    pls find the zip file at your browser download folder,
    using your OS file manager ( explorer ).
    it is named (currently) like

processing-3.4-windows64(or 32).zip

unzip it by double click/context menu/your zip tool
to any user directory.

i do not have a virgin win7 to play with
but dealing with zip files (like @GoToLoop )
might required to install add tools.

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