Extracting code from ZIP File

i am new in Processing. My question is:
-The code are in ZIP file. What i must to do for run code sample? I want to learn with Steering_Behavior_Text… I see for file and dont know what i must to do,

If you have downloaded the zip file, first extract it. This will produce an unzipped folder of the same name. Then go into that folder and run the Processing.exe file (assuming you’re on Windows). This will start Processing.

You can then open up examples via File > Examples…, or just paste the example code you have into the window that appeared. You can also open a .pde file with File > Open…

In my zip file, i have 4 files : extensions: otf,html,js and js. no have any with .pde

Oh! You aren’t having trouble installing Processing! You have a zipped up EXAMPLE!

Try opening the HTML file in your web browser, maybe?

yes, i see it in html. Then what must to now?

Well, what do you want to do with it? See the code? Make changes? The .js files are probably the code that drives the example. They’re text files - you should be able to open them in a text editor, or even Processing’s IDE. Then you can edit them.

You could even post the example code here and ask for help understanding it. Make sure you format the code if you do (put it between two sets of three tick marks (```)).

I want to see de code and make changes for learning. Excuse me, but this code have 2 folder (function and principal) i try for join in a file for run but have an error message showme.how i can to convert to pde file?. Thanks!

Where did you get the zip from? Can you share your source?