Processing stuck at splash screen, what's next?

Hi I just came here because there is an error of Processing from the downloaded file.I try to open by double clicking processing.exe after unzipping to a new folder. The file opens but after the splash screen it does absolutely nothing.
Does anyone know about this issue. I tried everything!!!

Hi @ourocurro I’ve seen this when a newer version of processing is running on an old operating system. But may not always be the case. What are your computer specs?

My apologies. the computer is a Windows 7 X64 but the only matter is that I could have known better to go ahead and unzip the folder, MAJOR MISTAKE. Self-taught mistake but it went wrong. Thanks and all’s good now, no worries!! :sunglasses:

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Glad you were able to solve the issue. Some programs you can run without unzipping which can make it confusing at times. Best of luck on your projects :slight_smile: