Where is that Topic?

i might be old and confused,
but this morning i read and answered to a topic


but now it is gone:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

can it be deleted?
i never hear about private topics, but once answered publicly
could it be changed to private?

It looks like it was deleted by the system – possibly the user was also deleted from the system, as I don’t see a user account connected to the top post anymore.

Strange – I’m can’t tell if that was at account-holder’s request, or an admin action, or an auto spam process gone wrong. Often these things are hidden from me – I suspect my moderator account level isn’t high enough.

thanks for checking

but what is the default on:

  • -a- OP deletes his topic/question but we already posted answers?
  • -b- OP deletes his account what happens with all his topics and all his posts?

there must be a admin ( and forum settings ) strategie:
if a user is deleted for SPAMMING his topics / post should be deleted
but if answered they should not be deleted better “cleared” instead?

where are the legal aspects for this ( who knows about this? )
just for the feeling:
whoever posts at a forum put ( his knowhow OR spam ) public,
so it does not belong to him any more?right?

so if a OP deletes his topic and with it our answers ( what now are public property )
are deleted with it, ( or a topic is moved to privat )
he steals public property?
and so it should not be possible?

? where are the FORUM site “TOS” linked?

but who am i…

Well, as I already stated, I don’t know why this particular thread was removed at the system level. I don’t have access to that information. I haven’t seen this happen before.

While the thread is unlisted, are you still able to see your responses listed under your profile under Activity > Replies ?

The FAQ and TOS are linked from the site homepage – and your menu bar, click the three = and click FAQ – from there you can further click Terms

As a community norm, we discourage deleting of questions or of question threads by users. If the thread has already had substantial responses from community members then we normally reverse the delete and lock the thread so that community responses stay visible and are not lost. I have done this many times in the last few months. There has been a long-running conversation about documenting these norms in a FAQ – it hasn’t been posted yet.

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