I assigned posts to a different category, and they disappeared

I can move topics to different categories. But when I do, they simply vanish. This happened twice today trying to move topics to the Processing.py category. The most recent topic was (formerly) at the URL: https://discourse.processing.org/t/stuck-on-how-to-track-mouse-clicking-circle-python/37442

@admins – Any idea what’s happening? How might we salvage these?



There is a related topic in the Lounge category and top of the list.


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pinging @montoyamoraga

This type of problem has also occurred on other Discourse sites, and may, at least in some cases, involve a spam filter. For example see Python Software Foundation Discourse: Recategorizing a Topic.


hi everyone!
i followed the link by @tabreturn and i saw that the topic was automatically flagged as spam, so i went ahead and rejected the flag and now it shows up, you can ping me and i will take care of it as soon as i can, thanks!


Here’s another one that dissapeared: https://discourse.processing.org/t/how-to-delay-a-display-python-processing/37438

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Latest post from @ davidhurwich triggered as SPAM after I’ve changed its category. =(

hi! i think i fixed both problems, ping me if not, thanks!