Put Questions with 0 answers on top


I think it Would be better to have unanswered questions always be at the top, so that questions don‘t just die away unanswered. And if a question is unanswered for more than a week, Even though it was at the top, then just let it Go Down like they do now, or inform the Poster, that no answer was found.

To have a proper way of tagging a topic as solved

I do think that that unanswered posts should stay at the top (of the “new” section even if not “latest”) for a while but they shouldn’t be deleted automatically as it is still possible someone might answer it later.


Yeah right, just ignore the delete Part. Just wanted to include all options, But that wouldn‘t be useful :sweat_smile:


I actually made a topic a while on an “unanswered” button and got a few answers on how to easily search for unanswered topics. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but you might find it usseful.


But the :noreply way is not very intuitive and Most wont know about it, so many wont use it. Something like a 0 answers Button Would be good. Also it Would help a lot if you could set questions with answers as Answered.


Mm. Let’s see what others think.


I always start viewing with the ‘Latest’ option and that’s what I would expect to see, not a 7 day old post with no replies at the top.

A ‘zero reply’ view option might be useful to some, personally I would never use it. I simply scroll down the ‘Latest’ looking at the titles and then viewing anything I might be interested in or might be able to help with. It doesn’t take long to scan 7 days worth of titles.


I prefer if the owner of the post bumps the question himself/herself. If a question is relevant, an not answered offered, then it should be bring into the attention by the same post originator. No need to bring forward the same questions without any updates. This kind of questions will be more likely answered by people doing a search on that specific topic. Or they will just die away, probably answered through other methods like stackoverflow.
My 2 c…



The thing is that it is not because someone replied that the question is answered so I don’t think it is that useful to have the question with 0 answer on top.


Yeah, there should also be a feature to Mark questions as answered. I think that was available in the old Forum, But i might be wrong…


It could be nice to have that feature but it would work only if everyone is playing the game and that would definitely not be the case…


In the last forum people marked a question as being answered even if the answer was incomplete just to avoid the forum software nagging you to mark the question as answered.


I just ran through questions with 0 answers – from 14 days old down to 2 days old – and gave a few answers. I did it by going to Latest and scrolling down, looking for things with a single circle next to them and opening each in a new tab. Pretty easy, actually.

I have mixed feelings about it, though. My worry is that if I leave a pile of week-old answers on top of latest, maybe people who submitted questions this morning get less attention from other answerers. Always hard to know if the person from 1-2 weeks ago has moved on…


Yeah, Thats why maybe it Would be best to have a cathegory where all unanswered questions are and mods will have to look through them, to set them as answered. So, a new cathegory where all questions that are not answered are listed, a function to set questions as answered which is only useable by mods and a new function to inform mods that you think that this question was answered and mods then can Look at it, if it really is answered. It Would cause a bit of work for the mods (or People over a certain Trust Level), But that way there wouldn‘t be as many unanswered questions just dying down and Never be answered.


I noticed on my profile, there is a “Solved” section. Is there a way for the person asking the question (and mods as well) to mark their topic as solved–and maybe even mark an individual answer as a solution, as then we would be able to categorise topics as solved and not solved.

This would also mean though that some topics–like the ones in the gallery or topics which are just sharing code snippets–might not need any solution at all though.


Well, they could just be cathegorized as solved/answered anyway, since they do deliver an answer… just without asking for it :smile:


As @jb4x said, just because it has an answer, doesn’t mean it is solved. Someone might be asking them to rephrase the question, or the person asking the question might be adding to it, or someone might be commenting on the fact that they encountered a similar problem etc…


Yeah, Thats just my Definition of answered ^^ i usually don‘t regard replies that don‘t answer a question as answered. And Even though there exists a solved section, i can‘t Seen to find a way to set a topic as solved… neither Mine, not someone elses (obvious, But still looked for it in case). So either only leaders or regulrs can do it, or it just isn‘t implemented.