Delete acount Permenantly

can we delete account permanent in processing IDE here

Hello @kusspuss,

Leaving the Community:

I also observed that you are starting deleting many of your posts around 4 hrs ago in these topics:

Send a PM to @moderators to request your account to be locked.

The most friendly word that comes to mind is “shocking”.

Could you please clarify what you mean by deleting your account “in the processing IDE”? If you are talking about your account on the forum, please DM me and I’ll remove your account. Your account will be anonymized and posts written by you will be identified with a username like this: anon94203042.

As @glv pointed out, we have rules for leaving the community that include the following:

We do not delete your conversation threads once the community has contributed substantial answers – those answers belong to the community.

This is to preserve the value of the forum as a reference for future learners. Thank you for your understanding.