Letting users know that deleting posts is not nice to others

While we are at it, what do you think of a plugin that detects when people are replacing a whole question with a sentence saying “please delete this question” when there are already answers (basically a large reduction in content). The plugin would show a text maybe like:

By doing this, you’re depriving others of learning from your question and answers, and it may be considered rude. Are you sure you want to do this?

Would this be useful?

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I have noticed this in this thread and thought it was weird. Didn’t know it was a trend. You can still check for previous versions by clicking on the orange pen icon, but that’s not good enough.

Perhaps remove editing privileges after 10 minutes for threads that are in the processing-help categories? or remove editing privileges for users below a certain number of posts?

As for the badly formatted code posts, I’m not sure if people will stop to read a bunch of links before Maybe enable posting privileges only after reading the FAQs here, since reading FAQs can be easily detected?

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Discourse has a rollback edit history for posts, so admins can restore self-vandalized posts more reliably than they could in Vanilla.

Detecting would be best, of course – rather than “please delete” some will simply replace the post with a few misc. characters.

That particular post is lingering because I’m checking with other admins on if we should let it be deleted (and do so for allowing similar early deletes of poor posts without many responses) – the original post wasn’t high quality, so it doesn’t seem likely to have much value to the community.