Update Of my Processing Work

My work goes on, and i made a little update of my code colletions i wrote for processing.
I try to make a Swarm enemy for my space shoter Xenotaum, called XenoSwarm. this will be a “swarm” for my tradegeme Wothtrade like sheps with a dog or chickens, the 3d snake now has a coalision detektion that dont work fine for now. and based on 3D snake i try to make a 3D bookmark tool, may for a virtual realyty VR ond day. may i use this for a 3D tower defence game.

its 50MB Big but Inflate to Nearly 900MB if uncompressed.
Its contains Win 32/64 Linux 32/64 and ARM.

At Cristmas i get a New Smartpfone so i hope i have realeases For Android in near Futur.

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