Questions about processing 3, Asteroids (the game) and AI

Hey y’all,
This is my first post to this site and I’m pretty new to processing in general. I honestly don’t know where to start with this (it’s a project for my robotics course, high school) and all i really know how to do is the size of the screen, how to make a couple of shapes, mouseX and mouseY, and if statements (||, &&, that’s about it, along with basic structures like void set up, void draw, writing your own void).

I got the link for this site HERE

I was trying to figure out how to make it using that site but it used some code I
A) wasn’t familiar with, and
B) wouldn’t work in processing 3.

I think that the reason it directed me here was because it was outdated but I honestly don’t know.

I also used.
which is a youtube video about asteroids, got sidetracked and ended up at

a youtube channel called code bullet (I tried to put the link bu because I’m new I’m only allowed to put 2 links in, still a super cool channel, you should go check it out!)

which I thought was really neat. It got me thinking about how I could incorporate AI into my game but I wasn’t really sure if I could even do that in processing. Anybody know what’s up?

Asteroids is a pretty simple game.
The bullets go in straight lines.
The asteroids fly about at random.
And there’s a spaceship.

Normally a person controls the spaceship, but since you want to use AI, I assume you want a spaceship under AI control.

… But first you need a spaceship for it to control.

So the first thing to do, then, would be to get a classic game of asteroids working.

You’ll probably need three classes, one for the Ship, one for the Bullet, and one for an Asteroid.

You will probably also need a setup() and draw() function, an instance of the Ship, and ArrayLists of Bullets and Asteroids.

So write that first. Post the code of what you come up with for more help - it’s a pain for us to start from scratch if you have a game working already!