After 1 year Processing Experience

Since august 2018 i codeing with Java processing. i made many good experience.
For me i like the stile of c++ of 90th combinated with Platform independece and high felexebility and many tricky idears.
I have many ideas for next years.
now you can download my Processing games ad once(for free - GNU GPL V3)
all source codes included in the 7zip data
i only code for fun. i not a certified developer.

My game Colletion is back:

i just was unsure because of the new java license…

ypu can get these games here:

i wish you get some mose from my codes


Thanks for sharing this!

For distributing through github I would recommend:

  1. don’t check in a zip or 7z file to github. Instead, commit the files uncompressed. You can do those by expanding the 7z, deleting it, then checking the files in as a new commit.
  2. to give people a download link, link to the github repo. That page has a green button for downloading a zip on it.
  3. if you want to provide a direct download download link, use the github Releases tab to create a release. This will automatically create download packages for you – you don’t have to check them in to github.

This would be much work, for 16 games and everything in 6 platforms versions. it needs nearly 100 uploads. even i live near a village with poor internet speed. i need over 350Mb traffic instat of 20 mb with direct 7z upload.
What is the benefit of doing this?

Well, it is up to you of course – it is your project, you can do it however you want!

I don’t think this is right. When you git push, you push compressed data over the line – you don’t send raw files. For details, see:

It is zlib-compressed, not 7z, so less efficient, but it is still compressed.

Further, you contents have a lot of file level duplication. For just one example, it looks like you store the same core.jar file ~71 times. In git, all identical version of that file are only get stored once, and take up one file worth (1.1mb) of space in the repo – every other version is just a pointer. You don’t need to use 7z – git already does that when you check the file in, and it only sends that 1.1mb – zlib compressed – over the wire. However, this only works if you check the individual files into git, not if you check a combined 7z into git.

Some benefits:

  1. People can browse your repo–right now they can’t
  2. Your repo becomes searchable.
  3. People can fork your repo and commit fixes / changes
  4. If you update your repo with versions
    • a new commit may be a few kb to upload, not 20MB, because git only sends diffs (compressed)
    • the total size of your repo (git clone) only increases by a small amount, not 20MB each time.
    • so for people who want to download your repo, they total download stays small even if you add to it.

All that means you can get almost same bandwidth savings and update as often as you want without thinking about the size.


ok, maybe it is more easy to release just the pde.
its simple to start the pde with just one click using Processing.
Sorry maybe i do it in futur. by the way these games a part of my autobiography style SciFi story.
Due Paranoid schizophrenia disease i am not realy able to work as Developer.
I life in a psychiatric dorm…
i like to code and i got the clue to show the people to be more than insane guy.
it should a little like “war of the worlds”
if your intrested in my world(german mp3 and a book): teil 1 teil 2
The AI Spirit sophie:

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Glad that you are enjoying Processing and making these games. Thank you for working so hard to share them.

They don’t have anything explaining the controls – like “click mouse to shoot.” Maybe add a readme or a few lines of comments at the top of some of the PDE files saying what buttons to press? For the shooters that show either a red or blue rectangle, it isn’t clear what to do when you see a blue one…

Yeah was thinking the same thing. An English overview of the controls and a short description of the game’s goal would already be enough. Other than that, keep up the good work! :slight_smile: Would love to see more games of you in the future

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Because i was not sure for Java copyright reasons i only release pde source code for a while.

Generaly i use w/a/s/d and mouse (Natter 3d+ “e/c”) (DVL" y" for stay)

Short use manuel:
branch of QubeC/DetaMouseQubeC:

Inspired from Psalm 111,2:
DetaMouseQubeC_V_0_2_2_6_Alfa :

Left Mouse Boutten to Hit Red Squares
Rigth Mouse Boutton to Hit Blue Squares
Aim:get 100 score, hit Hundred Time To Win
Wrong Click reduse score by 1


At this time the game dont actuell have an aim.
Just have fun by the interaktions betwen mouse an the square.
Mouse clicks restart the square.


Hit the Blue square with the Left Mouse Boutton.
Hit the Red square with the Right Mouse Boutton.
Aim: training of Left and right skills(it its very useable in everyonse life)
Aim:get 100 score, hit Hundred Time To Win


Hit the Blue square with the Left Mouse Boutton.
Hit the Red square with the Rigt Mouse Boutton.
Aim:get 100 score, hit Hundred Time To Win
Wrong Click reduse score by 1
the square will be speed up by score


Hit the Blue square with the Left Mouse Boutton.
Hit the Red square with the Right Mouse Boutton.
Aim:get 100 score, hit Hundred Time To Win
Wrong Click reduse score by 1
the square will be speed up by score and is mouse sensetiv


Hit the Red square with the Left Mouse Boutton.
Hit the Blue square with the Right Mouse Boutton.
Aim:get 100 score, hit Hundred Time To Win
Wrong Click reduse score by 1
the square will be speed up by score and is mouse sensetiv
there a some skills for your qube ship


additional: by hit corred the laser explode
Hit the Red square with the Left Mouse Boutton.
Hit the Blue square with the Rigt Mouse Boutton.

its a unfinished Farmer game to make Pizza from roots:
Play with w a s d
the Buildings will be automatic activated by near position of “strichy”
importend: click first with mouse in the java window befor playing to highlight the window
Aim: Make “Geld:150”
Buy Tomaten and Korn at first in the shop

sell: Korn, Mich,… in shop to buy new buildings


very unfinishd game inpired by blockout.
click first with mouse in the java window befor playing to highlight the window
Play with w a s d
Planed: colled stones and build custom stones

put all stones o right plate.
Play 1. click the pink base stone by mouse to activate
2. click a second pink base stone to place selected stone.
there are instant Load save boutons hoche 1-19: decide the number of stones you want to have
and click Start

chaos will randomly place selected number (1-19) the stones if click on start

you may edit the bild.png to make numbers or such on the stones and load.

Hanoi-with-banner branch
added internet funktions:

  1. Load a banner from web. by click it by mouse the site will appea. without internet connection nothing happend exept the banner is not there.

  2. Load a savegame png from internet (
    by editing the png you can make your one web based savegame and you may replace the rechenkaft net banner by a custom one
    line 7 and line 125.

the save game from internet only load wen there is no local savegame(bild.png) in your folder


importend: click first with mouse in the java window befor playing to highlight the window
by moving the mouse over the window make a good view position of the qube(the most anoying part). move the snake by w back, a left, s front, d right, e up, c down

the brown stones enlages the snake by one.
the Pink stones speed up the snake .(and its more speedy framerate(because of a delay/n))

the gray stones make the qube have more cells without growing the absoulute size.

every stone have a invisible twin.

2D-Natter Branch:

the same as 3D Natter exept the third dimension for movement

Labor_VII branch PiratenKarte:


Play the game by mouse.
click any second map piece left or up at the map boarder to move it.
click load to get a Picture savegame from internet( to provide own riddles cange http:line 153 to http://<>/<3-11>bild.png
pictures from internet only will load if there is no local savegame(3bild.png, 5bild.png…) change the difficulty by clicking "Schwirigkeit Felder: (9-121))
change the activ Pirat by upper left “Pirat 1”(1-4).

PiratenKarte V3.7:
the same as v3.8 without internet funktion, you must make a picture riddle first.

aim: make the picture once
You can Load save anytime(web based downloads only will made if there is no local png for your difficulty)

to make a on riddle : click save button edit the png(e.g 3bild.png) edit this with Paint or similar ans save. load it , click a few times and save.

At Last my favorit game:
Labor VII 0_7_3_x:
It a labor with 4 human player.
click by mouse on any 2th kart on the map border.
maybe you rotate the map piece in your aktiv pirat window by clicking it.
in room2 it is posible to edit the map if “karte” is aktiv. it takes life energie(you have up to 6 points) editing the karte of the aktiv pirat is cheaper then the big map. you can change enemy player to give him to another player, life poins a not effeckted, they stay by the Pirat.
by clicking upper left in the(Pirat 1 Aktiv) you can skip a turn(usefull sometime i you have colected a player and wont them back on map) any boutton takes life energie exept “schwirigkeit”.(the editor version allow unlimited editing of ways and players), room1 doesent have editor. a second click on the editor boutten deactivates him.

Player: move the Pirat with wasd. the players range depents on random and life energie. life energie you lost by clicking the buttons regenerates if you stay with “y” key. the lifepoints rise slower if you got low life. if you lost a player it is not the end. if your life energie is 0 is not the end, a alliated player can resporn you. but at zero you more a unmoveble zomby. any mapchange like “karte wuerfeln” or “schwirigkeit” kill you again.
its a last man standing game.the last player escape. as long as you have life point you can sporn by the aktion of another player without loss life energie.

Labor VII 0_7_8_x:
now you can load savegame png from internet (madouc.freeservers) or edit line 1514 and replace it with your on homepage 3 or 5 or 7bild.png.
you need no ingame editor you can also you windows paint or your favorit. the player color must stay the same.

the typos i correct this evening/tonigt

If i use the export function of “processing” to generate the *.exe binaries, is ist 100% legal?
because it contains java files? because of usesing GNU GPL v3 is there a right violation or such?


Good question. I am not a lawyer, however as regards pde and java files and GPL:

You can license something that you create with Processing however you want, with no restrictions. Here is the official explanation:

An important goal for the project was to make this type of programming accessible to a wider audience. For this reason, Processing is free to download, free to use, and open source. But projects developed using the Processing environment and core libraries can be used for any purpose. This model is identical to GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection. GCC and its associated libraries (e.g. libc) are open source under the GNU Public License (GPL), which stipulates that changes to the code must be made available. However, programs created with GCC (examples too numerous to mention) are not themselves required to be open source. Processing Overview /

The Java and JRE situation is a bit more complicated. Again, I am not a lawyer, so you may wish to seek professional advice, but my understanding is that the Java JRE as of sometime January~March 2018 was free to redistribute for commercial use. Then Oracle changed the license – but the version that ships with Processing (and the version that goes into your exported applications) is that licensed-free-for-commercial-use version. The overall Java licensing changes over the past two years are really complex; you can read more about them if you wish.

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ok, THX.
i try to make the release style you explain before. because it need some time to create complex things i reupload the game collecktion temorary und replace it as son as posible.