My Labyrinth Game

I still make my experience with Processing scince August 2018.
Now my Game get a new function, a build in editor.

At this time the game is only availible in german language.
its a difficould game, i hope, but easy to use.
its GNU GPL.
Now i have ported these games for Windows, Linux, Android.


Looking good mate, really

It fine to have some positive feedback.
In the beginning it work just somehow.

I think processing is a good choice,
because of some tricks it make possible.
scaling buttons for my editor.

I hope you will update your workflow from time to time here? :slight_smile:

i now try a little space shoter.
just hit the blue or red targets with left or right mouse klicks.
in the new alfa the targets move.

i hope to get a anroid smarty soon to try some ports.

i have many ideas to improve it, but some releases are good as they are.

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this is the new realese:
now with a little skill sytem, mouse interaction with targets, level, level bounus.
Boss is a must have, i think about it.

The Blue Targets beam Force by clicking with right… the other enemy hits tho left button.

greats JAN

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