Trojan alert on downloading 3.4 AND 3.3.7!


Both versions have been removed from windows 10 defender as including TrojanDownloader:JS/Jasobfus.B!ml

What’s going on. Is it a serious alert or not. And if not, when will programmers fix it ?


I don’t know, ask Microsoft! :wink:


not very helpful ! Has anybody seriously tried to discuss with MS ?
And why theese two versions ? Must be something different, compared to forner versions…


Have you seriously bothered to read the issue and related issues?!


No I hadn’t read all, only the first one , sorry for that !
Allright seems to be a known problem


Hello again @neilcsmith,

since I was still unsure what to do about the virus warning I downloaded processing 3.4 through a linux machine and sent it to virustotal. There was 1 hit

NANO-Antivirus Exploit.Zip.Heuristic-java.csrvpr

It was hard to find any useful information about this
Do you think it’s save anyway to use it ?


I would, but only you can decide what you’re happy to use on your computer!