Sketches disappearing from p5js web editor

Hi ,
I had a few sketches uploaded on p5js web editor. However when i logged into it post vacation , the sketches seem to have disappeared. Has anyone else faced similar problem ?

Are you sure you are not logging into the wrong account?.

Subsequently ensure you also save your work on your local machine.

Hi @basicvisual,

I haven’t lost any saved sketches, but have sometimes forgotten to log in before trying to save them. However, there are some safeguards built in. If we try to save a sketch without having logged in first, the Web Editor gives this warning:

If we are logged in and using the Chrome browser, and try to leave the page without saving, we may get this warning:

Sometimes, I have seen that warning from Chrome even after having saved the sketch.

Perhaps there is a glitch that might cause a saved sketch to get lost, but I’ve not seen any reports of one.

Is there any possibility that you were using the Web Editor when unbeknownst to you, someone else was logged in?

I have checked , i usually try to login with my github account and logout as well. I am pretty sure the sketches and partial works were lost . But it was some basic stuff so I think i can recover or work back again