Help please my stuff is gone

so i longed in and all of my stuff is gone i tried reloged and restarted my pc and its still not there please help ps i am new to all of this

oh, this sounds bad,

-a- did you work on
or on Processing IDE 3.5.3 mode: “p5js”

-b- how you saved your project?

-c- sorry, actually it is a hard lesson to learn on using any computer program
that you not type 5 hours and then try to save to a file,
you type one line, save to file,
type more and save again…


it was on editor and i used the Ctrl + s shortcut and manually did it and yeah i was saving it after like 5 hours i kept loosing track of time. so if i go to bed and then wake up and get back on to it do you think that i should save it before i start?

if you work on
and your not login see

In order to save sketches, you must be logged in. Please Login or Sign Up

but you have a account and login you can save with [ctrl][s]
( but could give it a useful name first )

and you reopen that page ( after close browser or reboot… )
you must login again to your account.

and then try to find it via
is there no saved project to find?
looks like:

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yeah there is nothing and thank you so much helping me out with this