About the P5.JS Editor

It would be very interesting if when saving the project, the project was saved with a screenshot taken, so when we open our projects we will have a preview of what it is.

It would also be nice to have a place with other people’s unofficial projects where we can look at what others are developing, where we can vote to make them stand out, so we all learn more.

What do you guys think?


Re: screenshots for the web editor

This is an interesting idea! Scratch has something similar, as do some other social sketch frameworks. Many of the thumbnails are not very informative, however. One problem: “save()” in the p5.js editor works even if the sketch is not running. It works even if the sketch is broken and will not run! I’m not sure that a screenshot can be automatic in this case. I can also imagine that if people set up thumbnails for sketches that they intended to share, they might get very frustrated by them being automatically overwritten during later use (depending on the kind of sketch).

Still, it might be nice to have a thumbnail menu option that you could invoke manually while a sketch was running to capture a thumbnail…

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