Editor.p5js.org - login currently impossible?

Hi everyone

I don’t know if it’s a local network problem but about 30’ ago my students were no more able to save their projects (sketchs) into https://editor.p5js.org. They had login at the begining of the lesson and at the end the editor didn’t do anything when pressing CTRL + S or using File → Save command in order to save sketch. I asked my students to login again into the editor, but we observed that the login was no more possible. Apparently all students were logged off. When trying to login again, the editor behaves as if the user password is incorrect, with the ‘forbidden way’ icon appearing over the password login field. Does anyone know if there’s a server problem on https://editor.p5js.org ? Thanks a lot !

I am also having this issue with my students. My students cannot even log in while using sign in with google. It seems to actually ‘sign them in’ but nothing happens. Seems IMO to be a server problem

These are being worked out by @cassie to solve the problem.
Hopefully, this will be resolved soon!

This problem is now solved!

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