Run button not work


I can install processing on my computer windows 8 but when I click on the button “Run” nothing happens, the window does not open. I can put any code nothing happens, while on my computer with windows 10 when I click on this button the result of my code is displayed (the window opens).

Can you help me please ?

Can you describe what happens when you hit run? Do you get any errors at all? Or does your window freeze?

Can you open a command window and type: java -version? Please tell us what version of java you have.

Also, make sure that when you run Processing, that you have unzipped the package.


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it was a problem with the proxy. Thank you it’s ok now

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Hi coiffierp,

Can you please explain a bit more what was your solution?

Just in case someone ran into the same problem :slight_smile:

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