Processing and Windows 10


Processing does not working on Windows 10 (last update). 64 bits 32Mo of ram.
when I try to run Processing it takes more 3 minutes to appear on screen and after I write code setup and draw it takes and other 3 minutes and Viewport does not appear even after an hour of waiting. :frowning_face:
Does some know about this trouble, it seems some poeple have the problem and I don’t see any solution.


this might be wrong info
pls check again

also check for JAVA
like in a command window type
java -version

pls also descipe detailed what and how you installed processing

Sorry I make a mistake. 32 Go of ram and
java version is build 1.8.0_191-b12 64 bits.
French version of Windows 10.

what can i say,
i run processing 3.4 on

  • win7 32bit 2GB RAM
  • win7 64bit 4GB RAM
  • Raspbian Linux 32bit 1GB RAM

and yes,we have to see that intro picture for about ?15sec?
and then the IDE editor window come up.

and with a code like

void setup(){}
void draw(){}

press run and see the small canvas window in about 3 sec…

so pls install processing 3.4 again, and report detailed every step
incl file names…

When I am running unzipped processing verion nothing appears before 2 or 3 minutes.
The windwow appears after few minures with no code, I paste your code .
When I am running the code you send me, nothing appears and I try to rn the code
and the java application must be deleted with Task Maganager, otherwise we
cannot delete IDE application.
To install processing I downloaded, I unzip container and from the directive unzipped
I create directory named Processing in my Program Files and I run processing.
That it.

i already wanted to ask you if you possibly have a cheap graphic card ??
but i worry you would not understand the joke…

i asked you to do it all again,
and pls be very exact in your description…

download what file from where
unzip to where
start what file how

even i not know windows 10
i expect ( like from windows 7 ) that,
at the very first start, you need to allow java to run ??
if you there disabled that???

i try it all in pictures:
download processing from internet:
( here select windows 64bit version )

and save it ( to default download path of you browser )
see the download progressing:

also can look via windows explorer

and after download see:

and now unzip ( with your usual tool: ) to a drive and path:

after unzip you can start processing directly from there ( or create a desktop icon /short cut )

you will be asked ( only first time ) if you want to run that software
now see the intro picture
and after some seconds the IDE editor window

you can write some code and try to run it

and get your first CANVAS window

( i play that for you on a old win7 64bit 4GB RAM laptop )

java is always permitted to run, on this PC I am running Arduino IDE and java Platform SE binary is working fine.
When I quit Arduino IDE the java machine is removed correctly from the task manager.

When I try to run Processing in the task manager I have multiple instance of java and it stay forever until I reboot the machine.