GSOC: 2019 Regarding Project and Proposal

I am Apoorv Taneja pursuing Electronics and communication engineering from The LNM Institute of Information Technology. I have been interested in contributing to an open source organisation. I find p5.js-web-editor project really amazing & have been contributing to it and I’d love to contribute to the community during the summer of code.
I wanted to ask regarding the format for the proposal of GSOC’19.

Thank you for your time.

Hey, thanks for your interest in the Processing Foundation for GSOC. If you have not already, I suggest checking out the list of project ideas for the web editor. Here’s a link to the template for the proposal that can be found on the GSOC website under the Processing Foundation. If you have specific questions about a project or the proposal format then feel free to ask them here.

@figraham Thank you for the reply. I have already gone through the list of projects. I am almost done with my project proposal and It will be very helpful if any mentor could review it and suggest necessary changes.

Thank you.

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@cassie is the lead developer on the web editor project. If they have time they’d be the person to take a look.

@figraham Okay, Thank you.
@cassie Will it be possible for you to review my proposal and suggest necessary changes.?

Thank you.