GSOC: p5.js web editor Idea

Hello everyone! Myself Shubhanshu Gairola, a student from NIT Kurukshetra, India. I have been a huge admirer of Processing and the p5.js library as well as the p5.js web editor.

I am interested in adding Internationalization to the web editor and adding Responsiveness for smaller device widths for which I have already created some issues on github.

This is a link to my Project Proposal for GSOC. It would be a great help by reviewing the proposal and suggesting changes if any.
Thanks in advance

Hi Shubhanshu,
Not a p5 developer but I think it might be good to separate these two idea, internationalization and responsiveness, into two proposals. I imagine it will be lots of work to take on each one of those. Hope this helps. Good luck!

thanks for reviewing my proposal,

I think I can’t edit the proposal I submitted for GSOC, can I re-submit my proposal?
although, I assure I’ll work my best to complete both the tasks, in my opinion if some issues of responsiveness are fixed and some designs are implemented beforehand ( which I’ll try for ), responsiveness might not be a hard task as responsiveness has to be added mostly for tablet and mobile views. could you give some opinions, regarding what I should do further?

Thanks again for giving your time, it was and would be a great experience for me to contribute to the web editor and have a great experience with p5.js :smile: