Raspbian Java issue

I downloaded the Linux 64Bit package, unpacked it and went into the directory to run it. Here is what the results were in Terminal:
</> pi@raspberrypi:~/processing-3.5.4 ./processing pi@raspberrypi:~/processing-3.5.4 -Djava.ext.dirs=/home/pi/processing-3.5.4/java/lib/ext is not supported. Use -classpath instead.
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.


Is there a Java install that I need to do?

or a path statement like in (ugh) Windows? I have no clue

For 64 bit raspberrypi I recommend using processing 4, although it still has an issue with the wrong java but is is easily fixed. (aarch64 is not the same as 64 bit linux!!!)

I went to the java folder and typed
–version openjdk 14.0.1
I got the error
bash: --version: command not found

I obviously need my hand held to get the right Java installed/accessed.

To be clear to check what the current version of java is type:-

java --version # if jdk is greater than jdk8
java -version # should work with any current version of java (sort of legacy command)

to link you need to remove or move existing java folder in processing directory before creating soft link.