Question about project (Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Feature )

Hello ,
I am Omar and i am wishing to apply and work with you in google summer of code , I am a student at Ain-Shams University Software Engineering I have 2 years java experience worked on many university java projects , i read the wiki at github and chosen project ( Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features)
However I don’t know whats needed for implementation or the details of requirements, any information will be appreciated, thanks in advance

Hello Omar. Thank you for the interest. We just had a discussion about this today and we’re moving this Project 'Development Environment: Beginner) to a lower priority. Are there other projects on the list that capture your interest?

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Is that mean this idea isn’t available at all?!!
If so, please…
Could you tell me what are the other ideas that is available that requires java? @REAS

@AlZahraa Did you check current ideas? I would like to suggest revising previous posts from previous years to see what proposals were discussed, or better, check blog post with outcome summaries from previous GSOCs. You are also welcome to discuss new ideas based on your interest.

It is also good to know the audience. You should check blogs and websites from the Processing Day events that happened recently in February. This could give you an insight of what people do with Processing. Also check the gallery here in the forum to see what people are sharing or current and past issues to understand any opportunity to improve the UX.

I hope this helps,


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