GSoC2019; looking for more info on the Devolopment Environment

Hi, my name is Fatma, and i’m a third year systems and computer engineering student at Al-Azhar university in Egypt.I’m super excited to apply to The Processing Foundation for GSOC this year.
I checked the projects listed in the wiki and I get really interested at Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features.
Since I have a considerable amount of experience with java (I used to programm with java two years ago) I would love to contribute with you but really need all the help you can provide.
where should i start?
should i get on a particular issue and start to solve it?!
I would love to contact with one of the mentors for more instructions
thank you


Hi , AlZahraa
I am also from Egypt, and I want to join this summer to this organization as well. I’m currently waiting for some information about this. I’ll tell you when I know her, and ask you to help me with what you know, too, or what you’ll know