Need suggestions

Hello guys, my name is Abhinav Sagar. I am an undergraduate student at VIT Vellore India. After going thorough the p5-JS website I feel there is a lot to be done. Some of the points which I feel are-
-UI is just not quite there. And specially on mobile it dosen’t look nice at all.
-Documentation should be improved for this repository so that beginners might feel at ease while getting started.

And yeah that’s it but definitely I think UI should be improved and made for mobile friendly.
I would like to work on this as part of gsoc 2019. I have some other points in mind also and would love getting them discussed. I would like to hear from others what they feel about this.

Hi @abhinavsagar – Thank you so much for your interest!

“UI should be improved” is very broad, and “Documentation should be improved for this repository” is also very broad – those things could apply to almost any software project. What areas of the website are you talking about – the web editor, or the reference, or something else? For documentation, the project ideas list contains some concrete descriptions of needs for example sets or internationalization – what type of documentation improvements were you talking about?