GSoC 2019: Guidance required for a first timer

Hello people, this is Karan, a second year computer science and engineering student from PES University, Bangalore. First time to ever participate in GSoC and wanted to participate in it by contributing to the Processing Foundation.
Over a couple of months, I’ve been following the developments in processing foundation through Daniel Shiffman’s youtube channel (the coding train). I’ve also implemented neuroevolutionary reinforcement learning (on the game of pong using p5.js) following his videos as well (source here: GitHub - Karan - Pong-AI).
I have some experience with java, javascript, python and android development (with pure java and frameworks like flutter). My Github profile here.
I’ve gone through the project list and a couple of interesting projects caught my eye, however I’m not really sure if I should just go ahead with the intermediate ones now itself (being a first timer).
Following are the projects I think I might be able to contribute towards during the summer:

  • Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features
  • Mobile/Responsive Design Implementation
  • Asset Uploading Improvements

So, I’d be really grateful if someone could get me kicking into my boots and help me start contributing to the Processing Foundation! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to having a great summer with the Processing Foundation!