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My name is Jamal Salama from Egypt. I know the Java language well and I know its basics very well, and at the moment I’m studying the development and construction of Android, and I will finish it soon.I want to know do these skills that I have enough to join you in your project, in the summer of Google code? What is required to apply In addition, I want to acquire other skills from you while working with you if I am, of course, accepted .
My best respect.

Hi Jamal,

Welcome to the Processing forum. Thank you for expressing your interest in participating in GSOC19. Please keep an eye on posts under the Summer of Code category as The Processing Foundation should provide updates there. It is great you have decided to engage the community to get feedback on your goals and to ask questions. For the time being, I would ask to avoid creating duplicate posts. The rule of thumb is one post per topic/question. If you want a previous post to get attention, you can bump the post meaning that you post under the same post. This will bring the post to to top of the queue and people will notice it.

For now, please feel free to explore the main page and the Processing Wiki site. For example, check:

This would be a good point to start.


Hi Kfrajer ,

I beg your pardon, I am a beginner in programming in general. , I’ve studied the Java programming language. And I know its basics. Now I’m taking a course in Android development. And I want you to advise me, how do I use what I have learned with you here? How do I subscribe to your projects? I want to be useful to those around me, and at the same time I learn from them. Thanks for the reply in advance.
Gamal .

Gamal, thanks for your interest in contributing to the Processing Foundation’s projects. In terms of projects for GSOC there’s a list of potential projects on Processing’s GitHub Wiki page. I suggest going through the list to see what sounds interesting to you.

It sounds like your skills would best match a Processing or Processing for Android project. Both of these are on GitHub and you can look through the source code. You may consider working on an open issue to get familiar with the workflow.

If you have specific questions about how something works or how to approach a problem, then those are great questions to ask on the forum.

I will apply for the ( Processing. + Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features )project.But I don’t know what exactly is needed. Are these my skills suitable for this project?

That is a hard question to answer as you are the only person that knows yourself the best. I like to recommend to explore discussions from previous years. Also check blog posts from Processing GSOC from previous years so you can have an idea of the type of feedback you can get from the forum. My suggestion is this: focus in asking more concrete questions and you might get more feedback from current forum goers or form actual Processing Developers.

To get you started in any of the challenges: I can only suggest to get to know them and bring your own version - aka your own interpretation - to the community. Talk about how this contribution will impact users and how it is aligned with the Processing core values.

I hope this helps.


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