Unanswered Topics Button

“Unanswered” Button

This would be like the “Latest” and “Top” headers at the top of the page except it would say something like “Unanswered”.

It would link to a page listing all topics without replies.

This would be useful for people posting a topic that didn’t/doesn’t get seen by many people and hasn’t got any replies and also useful for anyone looking for a new discussion.

Possible problems:

  • There might already be something like this? (though I couldn’t find anything similar)
  • There might be posts with one or two replies which are not helpful or do not answer the question so that person’s topic would not appear on this page even though it hasn’t been answered.
  • This feature might not be needed.

EDIT: Sorry, just realized the “new” button exists, which is pretty similar to what I am asking for.

You can also enter status:noreplies into the search bar. Here’s a direct link:



Perfect info to go into some sort of user manuals for mods.

For unanswered questions, I always ask people to “bump” them by tapping baump and posting it. This brings the question to show in lattest, where it should get notice.


I’m vaguely against bumping topics, because it adds noise and doesn’t address the problems that prevented people from replying to the post in the first place. (Usually this is because the question is unclear, or didn’t provide enough info.)

Note that editing your post also bumps it up in the active list, which is a much better way to bump your post. Edit your post to add more information or to make your question more clear. This will bump your post up and make it more likely you get a reply.

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In my forum experience so far, the auto-bumping failed to work, unless I’m editing the latest post of the forum thread. :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe the original submitter always got their bump regardless if it’s the latest post. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, that’s exactly right: editing the latest post bumps it up.

But in the case of a question that has no replies, the first post is the latest, so editing it will bump it up.