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Hey guys!

I was quite wondering from day one when you make a post why isn’t there an availability of an answer button ? I mean it would make life way easier for everyone to know that someone picked the right answer from the set that do comment and it would be a way to be able to close that post then so no new comments can occur on that post.

So why is there no answer button ?

I do realize that this is a build on discourse which is like stack exchange so this isn’t a stand alone Processing forum but is there no way of modifying so things to fit the needs of the forum ?!
Here’s like an example of what I mean ( Probably a nice icon would be nicer ! )


Although I think that this would be a good idea, I don’t think it should close further comments as people still might have things to add.
It should just be a way of letting people know easily if a solution has been found or not in my opinion.


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I was thinking about the closing to prevent necroposting. I feel if someone had to add more or have other questions about the topic they could open a new post. And reference the one with similar answers/questions.

Maybe it should only close 24 hours after an answer is accepted?

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@TheWizardBear very lovely idea yes ! @jeremydouglass can this become a petition for an answer button ?

Hi @InferNova,

I think it would be a useful addition to the forum as well. Could be quite convenient when browsing long threads with multiple suggestions.

I know the McNeel forum (also built on discourse) have a “solution” button to select relevant answers but for some reason they decided to make it available only to the OP asking the question. Meaning that any other person browsing the page is unable to see what is the answer selected by the OP.


I am a moderator, but I actually have no access to the site configuration plugins etc.

I believe that @fjenett is the person who controls these things.

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Maybe then if this post get’s enough hearts we can make it happen ?

Honestly I think it is more about bringing it to the attention of the people who could do it and convincing them. We used to have answers functionality in the previous

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Yes I remember that ! And it was a time saver. Now clicking at post’s to check if it has been answered or solved can be grueling !

Do you have any idea to bring it up to the people ? Like for example emailing the guys which do control their forum or somewhat ? @jeremydouglass I think if you can help us out this can happen. I really would love an answer button !

We could also make use of the timeline to quickly navigate to the selected answer:


Who would be the most appropriate to contact this for ? I just don’t know who to grab on. Thanks in advance for any replies.

As I mentioned previously:

It is also possible that Casey Reas set up the forum–again, I’m unsure. He has an account on here as @REAS but isn’t active, so you might need to try contacting him directly through the Processing Foundation directly.


Hello Everyone. Right now, I have the “keys” for this Discourse instance and I set it up, but I’m not very knowledgeable about how Discourse operates. @jeremydouglass, do you feel this suggestion would enhance the conversations here and help as a reference? Does anyone know if this is built in to Discourse?

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@REAS – yes, I think that it would benefit the community. Questioners like marking their own questions as solved (which some try to do by editing their title), and some answerers would prefer to browse only unsolved questions, which this allows.

I believe that it is an official plugin of Discourse – it might be preinstalled but inactive, or we might need to download it for install. Official description of what the plugin does when activated and configured is here:

and the plugin repo – with possibly more up-to-date install instructions – is here:


Hey @REAS I am just wondering how plausible then is the idea of getting the solution button. Not trying to pose haste here just curious can we get this actually through !

Many thanks in advance,


Pulling this to the top. Is this still possible to make ?

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Seems like this may take some while. I guess I will just send emails to @REAS

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We’ve enabled this plugin. Please let us know what you discover. Here’s a view of the options: