Formatting Questions with answers

Ok, i know this might be overkill and will be a lot of work… and might not Even have anything to do with Site Feedback, But what do you think about creating a page/or similar where the questions that have been answered are documented in a Formatted way like… for example now you have it like this :
Question that more or less Shows what one asks for
Answer/s that more or less answer the question + plus some other comments.

To something like this :
Question that precisely denotes what is asked
Single Answer that covers every aspect of the question. (Or at least combines the already given answers into one clear answer)

Now i know, it Would be a Ton of work, and who Would want/ be able to do this, But i‘m sure it Would make Finding answers to things a lot easier. I also know, that there are still People that don‘t Even Look for an answer But immediately ask a question, But i‘m sure this Would help a lot.

Having an FAQ for common, simple questions is a good idea – then people who constantly ask these questions can be given links to them rather than re-answering the question over and over. Here is how that worked on the last forum:

However, I think high volume, heavily used sites like the StackExchange sites are a good model for “don’t try to edit everything”. Question sites aren’t Wikipedia. Some questions have multiple good answers depending on your circumstance (Processing 2/3, Mac/PC, etc), some questions have one definitive best answer for a while, but then it changes as the tech landscape changes, some questions are asked in multiple related ways, that seem like “duplicates” to the editors but users strongly disagree.

Instead, if you think a question can be given a definitive answer, one approach would be to write that answer, collect upvotes to mark it as the best answer, and link to it from other questions that need that answer again.

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Yeah, something like that. And maybe for the questions with multiple answers to add all possible answers, or at least some.