Programs for making Scenes or movies (advice needed)

Hello all,

I am looking for a Program for making Scenes or movies.

Presumably something like Blender or POVray but easier to use with a less steep learning curve.

I want to use it additionally to Processing since I realize a few projects must be done more easily with other tools.
I guess I am looking for photorealistic rendering of Sci Fi scenes for images or movies.
Any suggestions?

Thank you all!

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Hi @Chrisir,

What should be the content of the scenes, resp. movies?

You know you can recording to a movie from processing directly using ffmpeg, aconv, etc.

And you can do pretty things with processing + shaders… :grin:

Or do you looking for a more professional setup like unity which have a huge set on possibilities using C# or js and can build different scenes which can be rendered to movies + HDRP rendering ?!

— mnse

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Unity is too complicate

I am looking for photorealistic rendering of Sci Fi scenes for images or movies. So with textures and
rendering of models (stl)

I don’t think that processing output will do. I know these things. I did a few movies with processing but it looks clumsy, the rendering etc., but I never used shaders in the Sketches.

But again without a graphical User Interface for making scenes, placing models doing textures and frame control for movies it takes far too long to do this programmatically instead of using an GUI.

I have found Zbrush (or Sculptris) along with Keyshot Bridge (the zbrush add-on) are fantastic for raytracing and modelling. They allow you to render using raytracing (on CPU) and don’t require expensive GPUs. These are non-open source options (but they have many cheap options for monthly use that can make them accessible). Zbrush is a fantastic piece of software it can also render allot on it’s own. (They have a free version that is fun here ZBrushCoreMini :: 3D For All ZBrushCoreMini :: Free Your Creativity ).

Blender is quite user friendly if you follow a good up and running tutorial one can be working quite quickly. I found Darren Lile’s tutorials to be the clearest walk throughs or modelling concepts in Blender. His videos are comprehensive and well structured he also makes sure to explain more than one way to do things. ( His Blender character creation is a gem in my opinion.

Touch Designer could also be an option. It is super performant, but I find their learning resources to be scattered. Download | Derivative (They offer a free version that is comprehensive and only has a resolution limit for the renders).