Feeling ambitious!

I’ve been using Unity3D for years. I have games in the various app stores and one on Steam.

I just got into Processing. I’m going to be using it to teach artists/designers who wan to learn programming.

Anyway… I want to try to make something that hasn’t really be done before in Processing. I haven’t seen . many completed platforms (mostly demos). I’m also playing around with 3D models, lighting, etc.

Are there any 3D games? Or a “I can’t believe that was made with Processing” game out there?

Edit: I’ve built simple 3D engines before (in various languages) as well as OpenGL. So I’m ready to roll up my sleeves with this stuff.

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I don’t know if you call it a

but check this :slight_smile: :

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Robert Hodgin did some excellent and surprising 3D work in Processing before he moved to Cinder. The P3D and P2D renderers are all built with shaders and they enable hardware rendering, so those are the strategies for achieving what you want. You can check his Fuji tests from 2010 (eight years ago!)


Some of the most sophisticated game implementations I’ve seen – especially in the context of tutorials for learners – have been more along the lines of Super Mario World level remakes. We’ve also seen people learning by writing their own game libraries.

Not games, but resources you might be interested in if you aren’t already aware of them:

In particular scroll down and check out the videos on hardbody and softbody dynamics. You could definitely get a lot of “wow” out of that.

If you are interested in the first-person-shooter camera genre, check out the maze runner demo in QueasyCam – no wow, but it might give you a lot of basics to get started quickly with a mouse-controlled 3D FPS (even if you could write it yourself).


BtW, I host that Mario Engine Pjs sketch in GitHub too: :smile_cat:


Addendum: on the topic of existing Processing 3 libraries:

For tile map / isometric games check out in Contributions Manager the library:

In particular, check out the example sketch Layers.

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This user created a Doom clone in 3D with processing - Texture transparency problem with P3D for Doom clone . I messaged this user to see if there is an update on his issue, hopefully it was resolved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI0y671POLo&feature=youtu.be


There was a time when I was in 11h grade (here in germany) I made a 3d FPS for a programming class. It was overkill since the requiremens were “do a 2d shooter like Moorhuhn” but that didn’t challenge me enough. I will upload the code when I return home from work :slight_smile: