Ray Tracing In Processing is Possible!

I amazed of someone’s work: Ray Tracing In Console
You can check his/her work on youtube

The code is made in C++ so i try to port it into under processing environment and made some modifications.

Nb: Dont ask me how it works, simply, i dont know. Just sharing other person work tho.

Source Code is here!


Cool by the way you can use built in processing constrain function instead of clamp. Also did you know about Thomas Diewalds pixelflow library, which has some stunning examples albeit using GLSL.

I knew, just forgot to adapt that part with the processing since previous code works with double and constrain works with float.

Pixelflow? hmm seem interesting to give it a try!

Previously people use Sunflow library for static raytracing here’s something I created earlier with PiCrate (ruby-processing on for raspberrypi)

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I wrote a Raytracer with Processing, too. Twice. Just to teach it better: https://youtu.be/9NJ7sW_3qt8

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