How to make a photorealistic render in Processing?

Hello! How can i create a photorealistic 3D render in processing (as in the attached picture)?

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Hi @Nik,

For this, you will need what’s called a PBR (Physically Based Renderer).

I remember someone posted a Processing library to create physically based renders with processing:

I don’t know if this is properly working, still up to date, and what features it supports though.

But, in a general manner, processing is a really, really bad tool for this. You already have plenty of dedicated softwares available to you for download (some free, some not) that are dedicated to this specific task (because it is a really complicated task). From the top of my head you have:

  • Cycle ← I would advise you to do this one since it is developped by the blender 3D team, is completely free and is quite powerful even though the learning curve can be a bit though.
  • Arnold
  • Lux Core Render
  • Maxell Render
  • V-ray

Now this is said, if your goal is to learn how those renders work internally and you want to try coding your own version, then I would advise you this website.

I also had a youtube playlist of a professor lectures on this topic but I can’t find it anymore. I’ll update my post if I find it.


one other way is to let processing export a text file (essentially a Script) that can be executed in old POVray which is a cool renderer:

I don’t know if this still is possible but I used to do it: marble4.avi - YouTube

I think a current renderer program is also Blender, but I don’t if you can script it with a text file.

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Thanks everyone for the answers! The picture above was created by me in one of the 3d programs + using the render. I realized that Processing is not suitable for these purposes.

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